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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that kid is getting the last laugh. "good morning washington "at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> 5:00 on this friday morning. it is may 18, i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment, but first adam caskey. we could not have asked for a better evening last night. >> it will be another perfect day today. take the advantage of low humidity, bright sunshine, and comfortable temperatures. we know what is around a corner in washington and that is the heat and humidity, if so taken vantage of these days while we have them. have lunch outside. look at the crescent moon in the center of your screen rising over the district.
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sunrise will happen in 52 minutes from now. it's in the 40's in outlying suburbs, a 50 downtown. high around 77 with low humidity. >> 197 in maryland is closed in both directions over route 50 in bowie. has been closed for an hour and will remain closed until further notice. 50 is open in bowie. >> today marks the start of the g-8 summit. president obama and leaders of some of the world's biggest economies gathering at camp david to try to hammer out solutions. john gonzalez is live in frederick, maryland, with details. >> that's right. eight leaders of the world's biggest economies will gather today and throughout the weekend in frederick county. the goal is to try to keep europe's debt crisis from
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getting work and spiraling out of control. unemployment over there is soaring and the euro is very weak affecting recoveries for nations such as the u.s. these summits usually bring heavy backlash and protests. the small town of thurmont is already crawling with heavy security and police. in frederick, businesses and residents have been warned major demonstrations could begin today. a group known as the one campaign has painted messages urging readers to help end poverty and hunger. same group also spray-painted near pennsylvania avenue by the white house. they did receive permits to do so and they have vowed to clean it up before the weekend is over. john gonzalez reporting from frederick. >> major developments in the trayvon martin investigation. yesterday investigators released dozens of documents related to the case. along with surveillance video
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of martin shortly before the shooting at a 7-eleven, there were no photographs of george zimmerman, the man charged with murdering a teenager. now the latest details. >> this is trayvon martin at a 7-eleven in sanford, florida, where he bought candy and a nicety of. was shot a short time later if by george zimmerman, on his way back to home of his father's fiancee, where he was staying. and this is a picture of zimmerman with cuts on his forehead, a cut to the back of ahead. >> trayvon martin had to fight a guy who was armed, so yes he has injuries, but there are not life-threatening injuries. >> the autopsy says martin had trace amounts of marijuana in his system. another martin family attorney says that is irrelevant and wondered if zimmerman had anything in his system. autopsy also says martin was
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shot in the test from intermediate-range or within 3 feet. it lists the manner of death as homicide. zimmerman's attorney offered a general reaction. >> we knew it was coming. it is several pieces of the puzzle that we now have to put together. i would ask everyone to wait until we have the whole picture. >> andrew spencer reporting. >> i want to turn to the john edwards trial. jury deliberations begin this morning. in closing arguments yesterday the prosecution said edwards' used campaign money to hide his pregnant mistress while he ran for president. they said that he was aware of the $2,300 legal limit on campaign donations. the defense said prosecutors did not prove edwards willingly or intentionally violated campaign finance laws. the key prosecution witness in the roger clemens perjury trial and it's the initially told allies during the baseball investigation.
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clemens longtime strength coach yesterday also said that his memory of some of the details has evolved over the years. he held firm to his testimony that he ejected roger clemens multiple times in 1998, 2000, and 2001. the government plans to call 14 more witnesses. we are looking at 55 degrees on this friday morning. you >> your last day to enter for a chance to win a new car and other $3,000 in cash. >> thinking about taking metro rail this weekend? we will tell you which ones will be affected because of track work. >> and another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. 395 edsall
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. friday morning. chilly out there in outlying areas. 43 in frederick and hagerstown, 43 in winchester. a little chilly northwest of washington. reagan national is an exception along the water, 57. annapolis, 56. 58 in lexington park along the water. if in the 40's inland. it will be a perfect day.
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if you can have lunch outside do so. nearly total sunshine today with lows humidity. high temperatures around 77 degrees. that is average. near 80 tomorrow, but bright sunshine and still low humidity. sunday we will have extra clouds moving in off the ocean, slight chance of a late-day sprinkle. we should be predominantly dry. now to lisa. >> prince george's police reporting 197 is closed in both directions over 50 because of an accident that must be documented. pat will be closed until further notice. 50 itself is open. open in virginia 395. please stay like this throughout the morning. beautiful on the highway. volume of traffic and moving at a good pace to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. the pace will not be so
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pleasant this weekend for metro riders. leave yourself a little more time to get around town this weekend. trains will not operate between east falls church and eric quawest falls church friday's through sunday night. red line trains will single track between takoma and forest glen and vanessa and friendship heights. today is your final chance to enter for a chance to win a brand new ford fiesta as well as $3,000. >> go to >> 55 degrees outside right now. >> gary sinese has been an acclaimed actor, but as far as
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> checking our top stories. >> we showed you how john gonzalez did and robotica flight with the air show folks. >> let's go inside the cockpit for a story that you will only see on 7. >> the blue angels are about the best around, the navy's top guns. when you are one of three civilians invited to apply a
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long, you say yes. the crew chief's job is to keep the plane in air. today he is trying to keep us from passing out or losing our lunch. it turns out, it's all about your breathing. >> take a deep breath. ready? >> then it is out to the plane. we are going up and blue angel no. 7. it's a boeing hornet. herelt. tedrow is behind the controls. this roller-coaster ride starts with a bang. zero to 245 mile per hour take
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off. straight up we go right into a hard turn. >> . it never gets > i think i screen every time i do it and i have probably done it 50 or 60 times so far. it is a fun maneuver to. >> that is awesome. from there, you fly fast. >> you all right? >> all good. and you fly slow. and then of course that breathing technique they taught us which i did a little fast to start. at the andrews air show this weekend, the blue angels will do all that information at high speed, 18 inches apart. >> they will see one of the best performances of a jet
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demonstration team in their lives. >> as you are feeling the defores -- the g-force, it is a ride like no other. >> used a conscious the whole time. you did great. you did not get queasy. it was a lot of fun. >> maybe next time he will let me steer. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> it's great. had the honor to do that a couple months ago. it puts stress on your body. those guys do it all the time. it is amazing what they do. >> was a difficult to learn the breathing techniques? >> they can teach you something, but you forget it when you need to put into use. what was i supposed to do? >> not to mention when they are going so quickly and you are doing maneuvers. very cool.
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>> we're about to show a video that will make you agree that gary sinese should probably stick to acting. >> he is on "csis it: new york." he threw out the first pitch during wednesday's texas rangers and oakland a's game. not so pretty. it hit the ground and went into the dugout. he was a good sport about it. the mascot had to console him. >> i had a friend that threw out a first pitch. he said he would never believe how nervous you are when you get out there. a lot of times they don't let you warm up ahead of time either. >> i will continue to give him a thumbs up. >> another crazy baseball story the bees caused a lot of
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problems. this delayed the game for about five minutes. this is the diamondbacks-rockies game in denver. that's not what you want to see. the visiting team guy throws the ball back on the field, but not in colorado. they from on that and made him leave the ball game. the announcers were like, you've got to be kidding? he was visiting from arizona. the diamondbacks found out about it and they said, come to our game and we will treat you to a free game with the home team. >> glad he is being taken care of. >> facebook is making headlines for its ipo. and we are following updates on interest and google -- on the inte -- on pinterest.
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>> many facebook employees become millionaires later today when shares go on the market. facebook is not the only social network riding high. pinterest has just raised $100 million, bringing its total value to $1.5 billion. it is a scrap looking web site. a private rocket hit international space station this weekend. the flight is going to be the first non-government trip to the space station and it's bringing groceries. some arab states insist on calling it the arabian gulf and that is upsetting to iran, the global map -- google map. >> now, adam caskey has the weather. >> you want to start a weekend like this.
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it's going to be great to have lunch or dinner outside today. a beautiful day on tap. bright sunshine, low humidity. we will have some changes into the weekend. a little uncertainty for the sunday forecast remains. here's a live look over the federal city from our rooftop camera. you can see the moon at about 6% elimination rising over the district this morning at the top center part of your screen. there is a closer look at the moon over over 57 now and the district, 46 in manassas, 43 in manchester and martinsburg and frederick. unseasonably cool on this friday morning. cumberland, 45. 58 in lexington park. along the waterways is a little warmer than inland. dew point temperatures in the 40's to near 50. that means very low humidity for this time of year.
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you want to see dew points in the 40's and 50's. once that gets to the '60s and '70s is when it feels sticky. mostly clear conditions to start the day. a few clouds down to the southwest of washington? . high-pressure is overhead. that will keep us sunny today and tomorrow. there is the low pressure system off shore that will be there through the weekend. it has disconnected itself from the main flow. difficult to pinpoint where it will move exactly. i think by sunday it will throw a few extra clout our way and maybe cause an isolated sprinkle. that the uncertainty in the forecast for sunday. 77 today. 80 degrees tomorrow. additional clouds on sunday with the slight chance of a late-day sprinkle. better chance of rain by monday. >> keep in mind that 197 over 50 is closed because of an accident that they are documenting. i have been communicating with newschopper 7. they are just taking off from the airport and they will go
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there first to see if we can get a bird's-eye view of what's happening. 270, a beautiful ride out of frederick into montgomery county at 109. back to you. >> thank you. 55 degrees. >> the miami heat get roasted by indiana. wait until you see the friction between the coach of the heat and one of his star players. >> inside the school that shocks students with electricity. why did the head of the school tried to destroy videotapes?
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>> we were getting our butts kicked. those exchanges happen all the time during the close of an nba season. >> not only were the miami heat blown out by indiana in game 3 of the playoff series, but dwyane wade got in the face of
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coach erik spoelstra who bark back and him and teammates had to step into separate them. >> one possible explanation for his frustration he only scored five points. indiana lead the series 2-1. >> and now on the nationals against the pirates last night. >> the nationals made the pirates pitcher look like a -- beater. he had a career high of 11 strikeouts, but the start of the game was andrew. he went after the balloons. right field. get a new baseball. it was 1-1. he was slashing wou andflashinig wood and ng wood and
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leather, zimmerman comes into him. look at what he does with this one. left field deep. the mets lose 5-3. the nationals and the orioles will start the weekend set tonight. have a great day, everybody. >> thanks so much. it's 55 degrees. the news continues on this friday morning at 5:00. >> -- at 5:30. >> we will look at some of the findings in the trayvon martin investigation. >> the g-8 summit begins today. what to expect at camp david and in frederick county, maryland. a live report is straight ahead. >> these are the days we always look for in washington. it will be a perfect friday. but there is uncertainty
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> following two big stories this friday morning, including additional evidence released in the trayvon martin investigation. that includes surveillance video of martin, and photographs of zimmerman after he shot and killed a teenager? . >> president obama and other world leaders prepare to gather for the g-8 summit at camp david. they hoped to tackle some issues this weekend. it's friday, may 18, friday. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we will start with traffic and weather. lisa baden. >> everything looks pretty decent. interstate travel beltway travel, south into richmond, north into baltimore. and to the airport. 197 at 50 in bowie there's a
5:31 am
crash. newschopper 7 will give us live pictures shortly. first, we want to go to live pictures of virginia which looks awesome a pentagon. adam caskey. >> all right. another beautiful picture. this is on top of washington-lee high school in arlington. take a look is gorgeous picture. you can see the early dawn lights on the horizon. if you high, thin clouds. right under our logo is the crescent moon. montgomery village, 46 degrees. stephens city, 47. fort washington, 47. huntingtown and 47 degrees. here's the forecast, sunshine, comfortable, low humidity, highs in the 70's. slight chance of an isolated
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sprinkle on sunday. that is the uncertainty for the weekend forecast. >> banks. our top story, president obama and leaders of some of the world's largest economies will gather today at camp david for the g-8 summit. their meeting comes as europe is dealing with the debt crisis and the u.s. and other countries are tackling shaky economies. john gonzalez is in frederick with a preview. >> this morning>greece is the focus of a leaders of the world's largest economies as they begin to gather today and throughout the weekend in frederick county. the goal is to try to keep the european debt crisis from spiraling out of control. the unemployment rate right now in many of those nations is skyrocketing. the euro is extremely weak affecting recoveries for many nations including the u.s. the summit's usually bring heavy backlash and protests. small town of thurmont, maryland, is already seeing a
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heavy police and security presence. in frederick maryland, business owners and residents have been warned of major demonstrations that could begin later today. a group known as the one campaign has already spray- painted washable messages urging the leaders including president barack obama to help end poverty and hunger. san group already pay sprinted the same type of messages on pennsylvania avenue near the white house. they did receive permits to do this. this group vowed to clean it all up by the end of the weekend. reporting from frederick hundreds of protesters are expected here later today. john gonzalez , abc 7 news. >> thank you for that report. the other big story we are following, the trayvon martin investigation. we are gaining access piles of evidence in the shooting case. >> prosecutors released nearly
5:34 am
200 documents, photographs and media files, but released stunning details about the tragic night in florida. tahman bradley joins us from northwest d.c. with what they found. good morning. >> good morning. the evidence could support zimmerman's claim that he was badly injured in a scuffle with trayvon martin. the same time, the evidence could bolster if the argument made by martin's parents that zimmerman was profiling the teenager. newly released evidence in the trayvon martin case is painting a better picture of what really happened the night before a teenager was shot and killed. we can see for the first time this surveillance video of trayvon martin at a 7-eleven purchasing candy and ice-t the night of february 26, if not long before he was fatally shot. the pictures show the man who shot him, george zimmerman at the police station with injuries. >> he had lacerations on his forehead, a deformity on his nose abrasions on his cheeks
5:35 am
and face. >> the officers said that zimmerman and nose to nose appear to be broken. he claimed self-defense and the evidence could support his claim that he had a struggle with martin. >> remember that trayvon martin was still shot and killed by george zimmerman. and so, even if zimmerman was on his back, even if he was losing a fight, he still has a lot of explaining to do panned will have to prove that trayvon martin was the initial aggressor. >> autopsy indicates martin was shot at point-blank range less than 19 inches away. medical examiners found all amounts of the marijuana components thc in martin's system. the lead investigator called the shooting of voidable had zimmerman remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement. >> he made a decision to get out of his car in the rain to profile, pursue, and confront
5:36 am
trayvon martin and ultimately killed an unarmed teenager. >> the evidence still does not answer one crucial question -- whose voice is heard screaming on the 911 calls? martin's father confronted investigators that he did not hear his son's voice on the call, but he now says that he does here in trayvon's voice. tahman bradley reporting, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 5:36. there's word that metro got an early warning from passengers the day that the doors to open on the red line train. and metro spokesman says on tuesday morning the riders told a tradition that the doors on one of the cars was opening. the technician closed off that car to the passengers, but later that morning the doors on another car of the same train opened between van ness station and tenleytown while the train was moving. metro is investigating. no one was injured. >> gop presidential candidate
5:37 am
mitt romney plans to run his first ad of the general election campaign next week. the former massachusetts governor said it will be a positive spot introducing him to voters if. it is designed to counter- protest -- negative portrayals of him by the obama campaign. they will air in several states. it's 5:37 no, 54 degrees outside. >> still to come, look to the skies for a special event this weekend. we are live with a preview of the air show at joint base andrews. >> i don't know if you like socks, but you can cut them and make an exile out of them. >> rg3 on the day leno show.
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>> we are from washington, d.c., and we are doing this susan g. komen walk -- race for the cure on june 12, 2007. >> good morning, washington. >> it's 5:48 a.m. looking at an accident in bowie, maryland.
5:41 am
this is newschopper 7 if flying over a crash that happened on 197 just east of route 50. 197 remains closed in both directions. they are documenting this crash. cleanup is under way. it's happened close to or what this morning. we are told by prince george's police that they have to do pictures and measurements if before they can actually clear the roadway. plan accordingly for 50, 301. you do have options. route 50 is open between the bay bridge and the beltway. as is 197 that is closed. now back to the news desk. >> thanks for the update. we will take it away in the weather center and. temperatures in the 40's in the outlying areas to start the day. a chill in the air this morning. let's take a live look from our rooftop camera. 11 minutes away from sunrise. klaus in the distance. it will be another sunny and pleasant day. low humidity, too.
5:42 am
have your lunch or dinner outside. 57 right now in washington, 48 in gaithersburg, 41 in frederick. cumberland and winchester, 43. 56 in annapolis along the water. 77 this afternoon for the high temperature with bright sunshine, low humidity, a perfect friday. a perfect saturday. extra clouds on sunday with a slight chance of a late-day sprinkle. >> thanks so much. 5:42. >> we will take a look back at the musical legacy of donna summer remember. and the queen of disco. >> and a high flying w
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>> 5:45 right now. coming up at 6:00 breaking news as police in mississippi have made an arrest apparently in a series of highway murders of.
5:46 am
we will have the details coming up. >> and how you can join thousands of people ditching the car for their ride to work. we will talk with the organizers of bike to work day. >> and a look at the movie "battleship." the water main break could smell your morning rush in virginia. that's coming up the top of the hour if. >> looks like we are in for great weather for a fun event at joint base andrews >> . the weekend air show will feature the blue angels. b andbrianne carter is on the ground, safely. right where i should being, looking at the planes flying over. we have great weather on tap, a lot of great events happening throughout the weekend, and a lot to look forward to. to doug about what we can look forward to this weekend is daniel.
5:47 am
>> adjourn services open house is one of the biggest air shows in the department of defense. will be opening the show with the army parachute team. we will be featuring the core team. and the navy blue angels will be held lighting, -- will be headlining so there's a lot to see. >> there are things for all ages 4. >> absolutely. if you have small kids or teenagers, this is a fun event. >> is there anything propeople need to know what they can and cannot bring to joint base andrews? if you go to our web site, there's a long list. if you are going to attend the air show, friday only for dot cardholders and school groups. saturday it will be open to the public. 8:00 to 5:00 all three days.
5:48 am
if you have to park at the branch avenue metro station or fedex field and take a shovel over, which is free and handicapped accessible. >> it's good there will be shovels going on throughout the day to get you here. gates open at 8:00 saturday and sunday. it's free and open to the public so come on out. >> thanks so much. fans of betty white had a fun time >> . she had a sold-out crowd at george washington university. at the age of 90, she has comedic timing. >> i did not learn anything, but it was a good experience. >> she is so much fun. she spoke to the crowd about everything from her love of animals to the early days of television. let's not event was coordinated by the smithsonian associates. she will visit the national zoo
5:49 am
later today and told a book signing. the music world has lost another legend. >> the queen of disco donna summer lost a battle with cancer yesterday. >> ♪ alstlast dance ♪ >> she had a lot of hits in the 1970's and 1980's. she is survived by her husband and three daughters. expect to see more tributes this weekend to honor the godfather of go-go music, who passed away on wednesday at the age of 75. hundreds of fans gathered at locations like the howard theatre to play his music. d.c. mayor vincent gray said that he would order city flags flown at half staff on the day of brown's funeral. maybe they should do it at the convention center. that would probably be an appropriate location with many people wanting to say goodbye. there's a new study on
5:50 am
restaurant food that may surprise you. >> facebook goes public today. linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york. there's a lot of buzz about it. >> that's the billion dollar question, will investors like it? last month facebook disclosed sales growth slowing. it is facing hurdles in traditional web advertising where it makes money. the apple co-founder says investors looking to make money should buy the stock. he says that mark zuckerberg is a good businessman who mixes technical ability and vision. a new study says 96% of main entrees sold a top u.s. restaurant chains to exceed the usda's recommended daily limits for calories, sodium, and fat. appetizers often are calorie bombs.
5:51 am
family restaurants were the worst offenders. the bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> banks. have a great weekend. looks like everybody will enjoy this friday. >> good timing on a friday in washington. many people calling in sick today. one of those days. it's going to be gorgeous for golfing. it looks agreeable even on the weekend with a little changed possible for sunday. a beautiful start today. a local outside the. you need long sleeves in outlying suburbs or jacket. on the left side of the screen is the son about to rise over the horizon. here is the view from our other rooftop camera, a gorgeous sunrises. overlooking the potomac and into maryland this morning. chesapeake beach, a beautiful sunrise, 60 degrees right now along the water. at rehoboth beach, if you might
5:52 am
as well go to the boardwalk. 58 degrees along the water with mostly clear skies. a beautiful day to stroll down the boardwalk. 40 degrees in inwood, 50 in arlington. about 50 degrees around the beltway. outlying areas, in the 40's. unseasonably cool. a chill in the air. temperatures will rise quickly as we go through the morning. if you high, thin clouds especially just southwest of washington. that is all we will see today periodically. total sunshine for the most part today and tomorrow if. we have high pressure today and tomorrow, so a lot of sunshine. but this low pressure system drifting off the carolina, has disconnected itself from the main flow in the atmosphere, just floating. that makes it difficult to pinpoint where it's going to go over the weekend. on sunday i think we coulit could throw some extra clouds our way
5:53 am
and cause of isolated sprinkles late sunday. 70near 80 degupper 70's today, 80 tomorrow. slight chance of rain on sunday and a better chance on monday. >> there was an early morning accident in bowie, maryland. newschopper 7 if it is lying there. this is southbound 197 off 50. they are now doing some cleanup after documenting the accident. they're trying to sweep up the glass and debris before they can attempt to move the vehicles. southbound 197 off 50 is closed. they are allowing northbound 197 traffic to get through the area. there's a sizable water main break that affects 29 in maryland and lynn street and the actual water main break is on moore street. it will affect your access to
5:54 am
the rocklin metro station. also metro rail is reporting they're running on normal service systemwide despite the problem. we're going to a break. everyone's hair breaks. ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh ♪ ...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me ♪ so they dared me to try this pantene. [ female announcer ] pantene anti-breakage the keratin protection system makes hair stronger reducing breakage up to 97%. ♪ ♪ think only salon
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brands can do that? i took the dare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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>> the redskins' new quarterback took a break from studying. >> rg3 and chatting with each day leno -- with jay leno last
5:57 am
night. he is known for his socks. he represented the burgundy and gold by wearing his socks. he brought a pair for jjay and for the actor sitting next to him. he promised that he would sing a song during his next appearance, because he writes songs. >> pretty impressive. he has skills. a 12-year-old boy from texas was suspended from school after shaving his head to resemble the face of the spurs forward matt. expert impressive. patrick gonzales scored tickets to last night's spurs and clippers game and he got a compliment from matt. he told the boy to keep supporting us redheads in the nba. >> that is a pretty amazing year
5:58 am
cut. >> really impressive if. c got that for a $75. his mom is a teacher and she said she does not understand what the suspension is all about. if much more to come in the next hour. >> i might trade a day's suspension for hearing from my favorite nba player. a big day for facebook, details on a public offering later today. >> and if lisa baden helping us navigate the friday morning commute.
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